Options for the management and recycling of disposable diaper waste in Zimbabwe’s urban areas

Sian Mugadza


Disposable diaper and other absorbent hygienic products (AHP) form an increasing quantity of the solid waste generated in Zimbabwe’s urban areas. This form of waste poses a problem as it is not biodegradable and can be a health hazard. This study identifies ways to deal with disposable diaper waste and evaluates their possible usage in the context of Zimbabwe. Alternatives to disposable diapers and recent developments in some countries in collection of used diapers and their recycling are identified through a search of relevant literature. The possible applicability of these strategies is evaluated through observations and analysis of areas elsewhere in the World where these strategies have been used. Group discussion with mothers were undertaken to share perceptions on the viability and logistics of collection and recycling schemes within the Zimbabwean context. Further research areas were identified.


Absorbent Hygienic Products (AHP),diaper, recycling, Zimbabwe

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