Open burning of municipal solid waste in Senga surburb in the City of Gweru: A salient environmental threat

Mangizvo V Remigios


Solid waste collection is a serious challenge in Senga High Density Suburb. It is very erratic and this forces residents to practise open burning as a way of managing the waste. The study which was mainly qualitative in nature utilised interviews, observations and document analysis in gathering data. The study established that residents practised open burning because the collection of waste was erratic. Residents dug pits where they dumped their waste which they later burnt. Municipal workers were also involved in open burning of waste because they did not have adequate equipment to deal with it. The smoke that was produced by open burning was a nuisance which affected the day to day lives of the residents. The smoke polluted the environment was at the same time it was a health threat. Residents should be encouraged to either reduce or reuse or recycle waste. They should also compost organic waste to make fertilisers. It is imperative to include residents in all situations that eventually lead to the demise of open burning.


open burning, municipal solid waste, Senga, pollution

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