Voluntary/involuntary informal employment and tax payment, utilization of banking services and business growth: A survey of Mbare Magaba informal traders, Harare, Zimbabwe

Cuthbert Takawira Masarirambi


This study looked at voluntary and involuntary informal employment and aimed at answering two major
questions; first whether informal traders voluntarily or involuntarily became informally employed and second,
whether this voluntarism had any effect one’s tax payment behavior, propensity to grow business venture and
utilization of banking services (as three forms of economic development). The study employed a descriptive
quantitative survey design and collected data from 150 informal traders at Mbare Magaba Informal Market place
using questionnaires.
It was established in the study that the majority of the informal traders involuntarily became informally employed.
Further, the study established that those who voluntarily became informally employed were more likely to pay tax
than those who involuntarily became informally employed and lastly, voluntarism has no effect on utilization of
banking services or propensity to grow business.


Voluntarism; informal employment; banking services; tax payment; business growth

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