Strategies for Ensuring Quality in Study Circles among Students of Open and Distance Learning: Implications for Counselling Practice

Fidel Okopi, Rotimi Ogidan


The use of study circle is a common practice among Open and Distance learning students but
assuring quality of discussion in the process is usually ignored. In line with this assertion, the
paper describes study circle, features and structures, and its application to Open and Distance
Learning system. Some of the inherent challenges associated with study circle are lack of
equal and adequate participation by members, honouring and accepting decisions, adequate
preparation by members. Some of the proffered strategies that can be adopted towards ensuring
quality study circle in ODL study centres involve training and building capacity of the
participants on study circle skills through workshops and practice prior to commencement of
the real study circle sessions. The training and capacity building in NOUN study centres focus
on ability to target learning objectives and strict adherence to the principles of democracy and
ground rules governing the operation of the study circles .Finally, implications for counselling
practices focused on the role of a guidance counsellor in organising, coordinating and
conducting capacity building workshops for participants, with the view of ensuring quality in
study circle sessions..

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