Ensuring Quality at the Pioneer Uni-Mode Distance Learning University in Nigeria

A B Awe


The establishment of six dual-mode and uni-mode open and distance learning (ODL) universities
in Nigeria indicates that distance learning is now fully integrated into the Nigerian university
system. However, criticisms over the quality of graduates from the Nigerian University
System remain unabated. Therefore, the fear that “mechanization” of education through ODL
could compromise quality, demands proactive strategy on the part of ODL operators to allay such
fears. It was against this background that the paper examined the extent to which the National
Open University of Nigeria had developed a robust Quality Assurance framework to ensure
compliance with good practices among ODL institutions globally. This was premised on the
understanding that knowledge had no geographical boundary. While the paper highlighted
existing internal and external measures deployed to facilitate Quality Assurance in the University,
it also identified threats to Quality Assurance mechanisms. Based on perceived threats to
Quality Assurance mechanisms, some recommendations were made.

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