Service Delivery in Open and Distance Learning (ODL): Quality of Service Offered to Students in Zimbabwe Open University Regional Centres

Zikhali Joyce, Grace Tabitha Mukeredzi, Weda Zenzele Lungile, Betty Nyamayaro


This descriptive survey was conducted to establish the quality of  service offered by the ZOU
staff at the regional centres. A total of 325 respondents drawn from the ten regional centres of
the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), responded to questionnaires, which had both closed
and open-ended items. The study established that staff at the regional centres was generally
providing appropriate quality service to the students even though they were working under
difficult conditions most of  the time. Front desk staff  was seen as marketing ZOU very well
through quality service, whilst the academic staff  was considered humble, accommodating
and diligent. However, poor service was noted in registration, assignment marking and
communicating with students. The attitude of some ancillary and library staff was also
identified as an area of  improvement. This service audit was seen as a way of  contributing
towards the improvement of service in the ZOU and in other ODL institutions.

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