Factors Affecting Completion of Research Projects by Students: A Study of Three Zimbabwe Open University Regions

Saiden Thondhlana, Daniel Mawere, Zenzele Weda


The study sought to find out undergraduate students and research supervisors’ views on
factors affecting the completion of research projects by Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU)
students. Student, supervisor and institutional related factors were the focus of the study.
Descriptive survey method was used in the study due to the normative nature of the data
collected. Questionnaires and interviews were used to collect data. The sample of the study
comprised 50 students who had failed to complete their research projects on schedule as
well as 24 research project supervisors. Convenience sampling was used in selection of the
students. Supervisors available at the time of the study formed part of the sample. Findings
were that the time given to students to do their research project was inadequate. Lack of
library, Internet and typing facilities as well as finance for travelling to and from the supervisor
hampered students’ research progress. The study concluded that student and institutional
factors contributed to failure by students to complete their research projects on schedule.
The study recommends that the university should allow students more time to do research
projects; over three semesters.

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