Student’s Self-sustainability in Open and Distance Learning

Regis Gutuza


This study sought to establish the sources of student self-sustainability in Open and Distance
Learning. Literature review indicated that employees with higher academic qualifications were
highly remunerated and had higher prospects for promotion at their work place. (Thompson
1989 and Combs et al 1987). The descriptive survey method was used as it was considered
appropriate design where student’s perceptions were sought (Neuman 2000). Questionnaires
were used to collect data from a sample of eighty (80) students who were attending tutorials at
Mutare Teachers’ College on 10-11 March 2007. The data presentation, analysis and interpretation
were done in tabular form. The overwhelming majority of the students indicated that they
were sustained by such factors as enhancement of social status, self actualization, nurturing
of self-discipline, opportunity for on-the–job skills training and increasing life-long earning
capacity, flexibility of the programs, among others. Consequent upon the study, student self
–sustainability were career orientation, self-actualization, desire for life-long learning, delivery
mode and the modular system. Among other recommendations were need for establishment
of district centers, re-introduction of radio broadcasts and full package at registration.

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