An Insight into The Definitions of Distance Learning and The Significance of Tutor Comments in Distance Learning

Pauline Manjengwa


Firstly, this article examines various definitions of Distance Learning with the aim of enabling
scholars to have a wider perspective of the concept. While the most basic definition relates to
education that takes place when the teacher and students are separated by physical distance,
developments in this area now encompass distance learning with technology (electronic,
print, voice and data). Technology in this respect is viewed as the bridge used to mediate
the gap between the tutor and the student. Secondly, the article also puts emphasis on the
types of comments on marked assignments, that can either help the learner to work hard
or destroy the learner’s interest to learn. Appropriate, positive and constructive comments
in marked assignments promote effective communication between the tutor and the learner.
Most importantly, prompt assignment return with constructive feedback and counselling, is
a possible decisive element for study success and goal achievement, for Distance Learners.
More suggestions on enhancing the tutor – student interaction are discussed.

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