Social Value-Chains in African and Zimbabwean Development: The Need to Break with the West

Vimbai Gukwe Chivaura


Two questions still haunt Africa today concerning development many years after attaining independence from the West.
The first is: ‘Why have African governments failed to achieve meaningful and sustainable human development for their
countries and improve the quality of life for the majority of indigenous African people?’ The second is: ‘Why is it that as
soon as an African country becomes independent, underdevelopment seems to immediately set in and even become
worse?’ The answers to these questions can only be found in the context of the social value-chains operating in Africa
today in all areas of human activity or performance such as in economics, science, technology, education, religion, arts,
culture, politics, and media, information and communication systems. The purpose of this paper is to discuss and demonstrate
these claims with examples and suggest the way forward.

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