Understanding Nanotechnology from an African Worldview

Vimbai Gukwe Chivaura


The purpose of this paper is to introduce the reader to an understanding of nanotechnology from an African worldview
as a holistic materials science where physical and non-physical phenomena are studied together as material phenomena
and the distinctions between material and non-material phenomena are regarded as an illusion. Everything that exists in
nature is a particular type or state of matter from an African worldview. Excluding non-physical phenomena from
materials science studies is reductive from an African worldview. The approach of this paper is for this reason ideological.
Its purpose is to deconstruct notions that view nanotechnology from an African worldview as inferior to nanotechnology
from the view of the so-called modern materials science. This paper demonstrates how physical and non-physical phenomena
have been studied together successfully under materials science and the findings applied to boost innovations,
inventions and discoveries in agriculture, mining, arts, architectural design and other social and economic activities.
Relevant literature and examples are discussed in support of the claims made.

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