Students’ views on the quality of service offered by Programme Coordinators in Regional Centres of the Zimbabwe Open University: A Case of Mashonaland Central

Lizias Kadziya, Julieth Mashatise


The need for better quality education and service to the students by the Zimbabwe Open University cannot be overemphasized.
Service delivery to the students can improve through periodic evaluation of Program Coordinators basing on
fulfillment of their key duties and responsibilities. A Program Coordinator evaluation exercise carried out at Zimbabwe
Open University (ZOU) Mashonaland Central Region revealed that there was great need for information dissemination
to students concerning feedback on assignments, non availability of part time tutors during weekend tutorials, approachability,
attention to student’s queries, sensitivity to students’ academic needs and coordination with the National Centre
for availability of modules. For data collection the questionnaire was used in which 50 students were asked to complete an
evaluation form in regard to their Program Coordinators. Twenty students were interviewed on the same matter. Staff
training and development activities such as knowledge sharing, orientation programs, induction workshops; meetings
and conferences should go a long way in uplifting the quality of service to the open and distance learning (ODL) students.
Such mind enriching activities need to be carried out continuously so as to enable Program Coordinators to interact and
learn from each other and that has to move hand in glove with the departmental quality assurance monitoring framework.

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