Fostering Sustainable Economic development through Public Sector Innovation: What is the missing link?

Joseph Evans Agolla


Innovation is synonymous to development!Unlike in the developing economies, innovation has been widely used as an
engine of economic growth to boost developed economies. The present study investigates the nexus between economic
development and public sector innovation in the developing countries, especially in Africa. The study reviews the literature
on relationship between innovation and economic development in order to develop a concpetual framework for
public sector in the developing countries. In addition to this, the study has policy implications especially for government,
policy makers and public sector practitioners towards improving the living standard of the citizens. The study concludes
by stating measures that can be used to improve economic development through public sector innovation. The paper
recommends for further empirical study to corroborate the findings in the present study on the role of public sector
innovation in fostering sustainable economic development.

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