The role of action research in the promotion of quality education: Reflecting on the Save The Children Norway quality education projects in Zimbabwe (Bikita) and Ethiopia (Amhara region)

Bonface Chenjerai Chisaka, Primrose Kurasha


Perceptions of Ethiopian and Zimbabwean participants in the Quality Education project, on the Role of Action Research
in promoting quality education, were sought in this research. Qualitative research methods, of interviews and document
analysis were used to collect data. The research was carried out in 2007 and 2008, during workshops, which were held
four times per year, and each lasting an average of four (4) days. The participants’ perceptions were that, action research
improves and develops their thinking capabilities, makes them look inward (at selves) for solutions to their problems
(rather than seek external directions); and that action research improves the quality of their actions and practice.

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