A comparative assessment of methods and techniques of mine dump rehabilitation employed in Kadoma mining District of Zimbabwe.

Mercy Mudzingwa, B Munyai, R Chirozva R, J Maviya


This paper is an assessment of the effectiveness of various rehabilitation techniques in Kadoma mining district of Zimbabwe.
Rehabilitation was assessed in terms of the biophysical impacts that are vegetable cover, soil erosion and scenic value.
The relationships between prevalence and effectiveness were assessed for each technique on 3 types of mine dumps
namely rock, sludge and slimes dumps. It was established that the mining district displayed a whole range of mine dump
rehabilitation techniques such as combinations of backfilling/re-vegetation, landscaping byproduct processing,
translocation/ by product processing; and one tiered techniques such as backfilling, re-vegetation, translocation,
landscaping, byproduct processing and natural methods. Generally the two-tiered techniques had quick turnover and
were natural methods. Generally the two-tiered techniques had quick turnover and were responsible for faster mine
dump rehabilitation than the single tiered ones. Re-vegetation combined with backfilling produced best results for open
pit mine dumps, whilst landscaping produced best results for underground mine dumps. Natural methods and combination
with by-product processing and re-vegetation produced the worst results. Backfilling alone was however better than the
other two-tiered techniques on all the three types of mine dumps (rock. Slimes and sludge) and comes second best to its
combination with re-vegetation. It was also established that there was no relationship between prevalence of technique ad
its effectiveness in rehabilitating potential, but turnover techniques were on the increase in young mine dumps. The
paper reveals that backfilling alone or in combination with re-vegetation is a very good rehabilitation option for open pit
mines rock or sludge dumps, whilst the same can be concluded for landscaping with re-vegetation on underground mines
rock dumps. Translocation for use in surface can be used for sludge dumps of both surface and underground mines
where backfilling is not possible or when cost is prohibitive.

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