Transformational leadership

T M T.M. Muswazi


This paper described transformational leadership in general and its perception by those in the sporting fraternity.
It discusses the controversy surrounding transformational leadership with a view to show why it might be
preferred by some and not by others as well as to demonstrate its practicability or the lack of it. It discussed issues
that explained why authorities said that transformational leaders have to be trained rather than be born. The paper
distinguished between transformational leadership in industry against the same leadership in sport.
The paper discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages posed by transformational leadership particularly
in sport. An analysis of sport development in Zimbabwe through ‘comfort leadership’ was made as a premise
for the advocacy for a paradigm shift towards the adoption of transformational leadership. Given the leadership
practices in Zimbabwe, the paper attempted to allay fears of its rejection by sport administrators, particularly from
the old school and who might be “traditionalists”. A call was made to institutions of higher learning dealing in
Physical Education and Sport to transform pedagogy to embrace transformational leadership training.

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