Effects of using student and peer evaluation data on professional competence development of lecturers

Fredreck Chinyemba


The effects of student and peer evaluation on professional competence development of lecturers at Chinhoyi
University of Technology were investigated. Purposive sampling was used to identify 31 lecturers who participated
in this study. Data were collected using a structured and open-ended self- completion questionnaire. Thematic
generation and descriptive statistics using SPSS version 16 were used for data analysis. Five principal areas of
professional competences demonstrated through student and peer evaluation and utilisation of feedback were
identified. They include general knowledge, in-depth knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and competencies,
professional and collegial competencies, and, teaching and instructional competencies. The competencies are
more visible at individual level. The study recommends that student evaluation feedback be given at the earliest
possible time to benefit the concerned group of students and lecturers. There is also need to revise the student
evaluation forms to capture the intent data as may be applicable to specific subject areas.

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