Sexual Harassment Among Female College Athletes

Patricia Muchena, John Mapfumo, Thelma Dhlomo


Previous studies found that sexual harassment of the female student by male lectures/ officials was highly
prevalent in colleges and universities in Zimbabwe and invariably compromises the performance of women in
sport. The focus of this study was to establish the level of sexual harassment in sport on the female college athletes.
Ten-item self-administered questionnaires were distributed to a population of five hundred female college
athletes. One hundred and sixty responses were received. The results revealed widespread sexual harassment
of the female college athletes by male coaches, peers, administrators and spectators. The results also revealed a
variety of types of sexual harassment, locations where perpetrators meet the victim athletes and the most frequent
time of harassment. The authors concluded that sexual harassment of the female college athlete was likely to
remain a problem for the foreseeable future. The study recommended that colleges should embark on awareness
campaigns on sexual harassment among the college fraternity and provide counselling services to victims of sexual

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