Perceptions of HIV and AIDS disclosure amongst affected people in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Mashamanzou Care Trust

Caven Madzingira, Ivon Chibvongodze, Edith Karimanzira


The world is facing a very difficult scientific battle in trying to help the lives of the world populace against the danger posed by HIV and Aids disease. The scientific researchers from a multidisciplinary approach have been focusing on addressing the global challenge of HIV and AIDS. HIV and AIDS has become a global crisis although it is very prevalent in the developing world especially the countries of the South. People affected with this deadly disease have the potential to get help from various stakeholders but the help may be limited by the fact that such victims may be reluctant to disclose their HIV status. It is from this background that the research aims to examine important factors that discourage HIV status disclosure, factors that encourage and discourage HIV and AIDS status information disclosure, the positive aspect of HIV and AIDS status information disclosure and to identify solutions that promotes the wellbeing of the community members with HIV and AIDS problem. In exploring this important phenomenon a qualitative research was chosen as the most appropriate in-depth methodology that can bring about rich data from the participants. The research was based on availability sampling of 30 participants who volunteered to take part in this research at the well-known Mashambanzou Trust Centre for HIV and AIDS patients. The data was collected and analysed using thematic method and themes were identified. The results have demonstrated that the numerous fears that discourages people to open up their HIV and AIDS status. This includes the fear of causing pain to care givers, fear of label, prejudice, discrimination, gossiping, regrets, isolation amongst many factors. Furthermore, the research have demonstrated that there are a number of benefits related to one‘s HIV and AIDS status disclosure, which includes personal peace, social support, reproduction management and management of diseases amongst other reasons. Therefore it is the role of various societal stakeholders like government, private sector, non-governmental organisations, churches and communities to collaborate and campaign against the mentioned feared factor that discourages status disclosure among HIV positive patients.


HIV and AIDS, HIV and AIDS disclosure, perceptions, HIV and AIDS affected people

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