Quality Assurance and E-learning in a competitive Open and Distance Learning (ODL) context: A customer driven blended learning environment at the Zimbabwe Open University-Manicaland Region.

Stephen Mwenje, Kenneth Saruchera


With the rapid increase in the use of E-learning technologies in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) world
wide (Daniel 2004;Inglis 2005;Delpwell 2007;Jara&Mellar 2007),Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) is focusing
on Quality Assurance as a crucial factor in implementing a quality based E-learning system. While(ZOU) like
other(ODL) universities in developing countries has to compete globally with online systems emerging from
developed countries targeting the local Open and Distance learner population (Juma 2005;Murphy2008),the quest
for developing customer driven E-learning systems has become a challenge in areas such as instructional methods,
content and technologies. This paper sought to find out how best a customer driven E-learning system can be implemented at (ZOU) with flexibility that meets the diverse needs of students and tutors. The study was an evaluation research that made use of a mixed methods research design. Data was collected from students and tutors through focus groups, interviews and questionnaires. The study recommends a customer driven E-learning system that is blended and flexible to tutors and students.


Quality Assurance; E-learning; Blended learning

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