Challenges and support needs of the entrepreneurship course for the Post Graduate in Education. A case study of the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) Midlands Regional Campus

Saiden Thondhlana


The Entrepreneurship in education course is offered to the Postgraduate in Education students in the Department of Teacher Development of the ZOU. The study was aimed at establishing the challenges and support needs in the teaching and learning of the course in the ZOU’s Midlands Regional Campus. The study was necessitated by the failure of students who had done this course to start and sustain their own businesses or initiate beginning and sustenance of businesses by children they were teaching. The sample consisted of 16 intake 14 PGDE students. Two of the tutors who were teaching them were part of the sample. The sample was conveniently chosen for those students who came to collect their final examination results and were informed to see the researcher were chosen. A mixed methodology that is quantitative and qualitative methodology was employed. A closed and open ended questionnaire, a documentary analysis schedule for the module and examination papers and an interview and focus group schedule were used. The major findings were that the traditional methods of lecture and explanation were used instead of the innovative experiential methods suitable for entrepreneurship imparting, the examinations were the written pencil and paper ones not the project form where students were to set up businesses and sustained them, there was no collaboration between the university and the business world and there was no inter disciplinary linking. Some of the recommendations were that: teachers were to embrace experiential learning through action based teaching (hands-on), ZOU’s examinations were to be practical and experiential, the department of teacher development was to have collaboration with the entrepreneurs in business through internship and involving experienced entrepreneurs given time to give speeches relating their experiences and the department of teacher development was to have inter disciplinary linkages with the faculty of commerce and law.


Challenges, Support needs, Entrepreneurship course, Post Graduate Diploma in Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Education.

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