Rewiring English Language Teaching: A Developmental Concept for the 21st Century

Richard Watuulo


Success  in  English,  right  from  school  level  is  a  key  factor  in  national  competitiveness  and  is  of  paramount
importance to national economies in a globalized world. The main purpose of language is communication. Teachers
of  language  are  therefore  expected  to  produce,  out  of  the  education  system,  learners  who  can  functionally  be
able to communicate effectively. Technology being the art of making, usage and knowledge of tools, techniques,
crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve problems or serve some purpose, is the key in the
revolution of education for transformation of the society and realization of sustainable development. Emergence
of  new  technologies  in  different  fields  such  as;  law,  medicine  and  construction  among  others  is  the  test  time
for globalization and timely development in socio-economic, political, psychological, physical and physiological
aspects. This paper addresses how teachers of English language can use this new media for knowledge creation
and dissemination in order to revolutionize the way of thinking and doing things. This includes aspects such as
using  free  phone  applications  for  translation;  twinning  ordinary  phone  to  ebook  reader;  manipulating  digital
technology for purposes of interaction through You Tube, Twitter, Flicker, blogs and Face book and  using Skype
for interviews.


Language teaching, technology, societal development

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