Orientation narratives and discourses in Open and Distance Learning: A case for the Zimbabwe Open University Masvingo Regional Campus

Paul Mupa


This article focuses on the narratives of Open and Distance learners as they talk about their reasons for studying with the Zimbabwe Open University and how this fits with their working life. The study was qualitative and used the case study design. Narratives were used to gather data from students who had come for orientation. Students managed to highlight reasons why they want to study with ZOU. The study concludes that narratives are relevant during orientation of new students. Orientation programmes that give students opportunity to give narratives enhance student retention. The study also concludes that narratives influence student motivation to complete programmes they start. The findings demonstrate the importance of selecting orientation techniques based on capturing experiences from students that give them focus to complete their programmes.


orientation, narratives, discourses, Open and Distance Learning, Regional Campus

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